The Link Grammar English-German Translator

This demo is no longer supported.

On this page you can experiment with a link-grammar-based system for translating English into German. The system is a "toy", rather than a wide-coverage system ready for practical use. Its vocabulary is limited to the words listed below. However, it can handle quite a wide range of constructions, including present, past, future, and perfect tenses; passives; dependent clauses (subordinate or embedded); relative clauses; infinitive clauses; questions; nominative, accusative, dative, and genitive case; separable verbs ("ankommen"); and some simple uses of conjunctions. The system is designed to show that link grammar provides an elegant and effective framework for automatic translation. (Click here for some more general information about the system; click here to see some sample sentences that can be translated.)

As well as outputting a German sentence, the system also outputs a short tutorial explaining its procedure, using the inputted sentence as an example. (A basic understanding of the link grammar is assumed in this tutorial; click here for an introduction to link grammars.)

Type in an English sentence, and hit "Submit" to get a German translation. Choose from the following words:

dog man cat street house book park apple store friend story mother collar cheese milk (or plurals of these nouns)
(Capitalized proper names are okay too)
I me he him she her it we us they them you the a this that some
be have will do can should see eat bring hit run say arrive chase buy hear try (or other forms of these verbs)
in with of and when because happy angry scared(adj.) surprised(adj.) big small
yesterday quickly quite very
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