The Cognition of Basic of Musical Structures - Web Site

This site has links to information relating to The Cognition of Basic Musical Structures (CBMS), by David Temperley, now available from MIT Press.

Musical Examples. This page contains midifiles of musical examples from the book. You can click on a link and hear the example.

Fun Musical Examples. This page contains some of the funner musical examples in the book, along with commentary.

The Melisma Music Analyzer. This is the home page for the Melisma Music Analyzer, the computational music analysis system which is presented in CBMS. Here you can find documentation about the system; you can also download the source files, input files, and other related materials from our ftp site.

CBMS input files. This page gives a description of the input files (available at our ftp site) that were used in the tests reported in CBMS.

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