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OT is used for a few verbs like "last" which can take time
expressions as objects:

  	     |     +--ND-+
	     |     |     |
	It lasted five years

	?I've been working on this five years
	*It lasted five books

(Constructions like the second above are sometimes seen; we
disallow them.)  In questions, the object of such verbs may be
fronted; in such cases, BT is used. In such cases, the phrase
"how many" must precede the noun. This is analagous to an
ordinary "how many" object-type question, like "how many dogs
did you chase". (See "EAh".) BT is analogous to the usual B; TQ 
is analogous to Dmc.

         +-H--+-TQ-+           |
         |    |    |           |
	How many years did it last

Thus we give "many" "H- & TQ+"; we give "years.i" "TQ- & BT+".

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