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AL connects a few determiners like "all" and "both" to 
following determiners.

         +-----Jp--+     |
         +-AL-+-D--+     |
         |    |    |     |
	All  the people are here

Words like "all" are unusual. They act like determiners in a
way; they must agree with the noun in number ("All" may take
mass or plural but not singular nouns: "*All the dog died").
But they may precede another determiner like "the" or "his".
Thus we allow them to a make a J+ connection to the noun,
treating it like a prepositional object. We also subscript J-
connectors on nouns, giving singular nouns "Js-" and
mass/plural nouns "Jp-"; "all" is then given "Jp+". This
prevents "*All the dog died".

A further problem here is that not just any determiner may be
used with "all": "*All some/many people are here". Thus we
require "all" to a make connection to the determiner as well;
determiners that can be used with it carry "{AL-} & D+".

Note that "all" can also be used with no additional determiner:
"All people are good". For this we give "all" an ordinary D+

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