Competition Programming

Competition Programming -- 15-195 -- Spring 2011

Danny Sleator
Eugene Fink
Richard Peng

This course is intended as a systematic introduction to the approaches and techniques required in programming competitions. Common types of problems will be covered on a topic-by-topic basis with minimal background assumptions. The students will learn a suite of implementational, algorithmic and mathematical techniques, and acquire skills in solving problems that require creative usage of various techniques.

Class Meetings: Monday 4:30 -- 5:50 GHC 4301

Grading in this 3-unit class will be based on class attendance and homework problems. Each week attendance will be taken in class, and each week there will be a homework problem assigned from the Timus on-line judge. An A will be awarded for 80% attendence and solving 80% of the problems.


To get credit for your these homework problems, you must get them accepted by the on-line judge before the start of class. Please also email your code to

Addititional Problems Discussed

Topic List


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